Epa litha – Sinhala Sri Lanka Search – Sasrutha Sri a desire. Panchanga Litha, Apa Litha, Litha download Litha Sanwassara Sinhala litha pdf Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha Sinhala Tamil Aluth Avurudu Litha Ones stop for Sri Lankan News papers in Sinhala News – අලුත් අවුරුදු ලිත The only Sri Lankan. Epa litha download found at sasrutha. com, statswebpage. com, yasni. com and Aapa Litha Pdf Aapa Sinhala litha pdf Sinhala Aluth.

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T his web site it self, is more than 12 years old now.

I am beyond that stage of life. Astrology Related Traditions Given the harsh conditions of life in the region, nobody wants the additional burden of a bad luck. What time it is in Melbourne? Go to time converter Click here to visit sinhalla B. And I live in Melbourne for the past 22 years. What happened and when? How is this year? OnSaturday 14 April 8: I am happy as I am now.

Varuna Savinda and Mr. I do a day job and thank god, earn enough money to live comfortably. I did it as a service using my knowledge in astrology and the computer programming. This site still looks as I designed it 12 years ago and unlike now, those days, very few people knew even how to make a website. Planetarium and the Virtual Space 213. On 14 April I was checking the auspicious times for Sinhala new year in your website and a news paper published apaa Melbourne.

F irst you need to understand: To find out when is Rahu Kala for different cities for that date click here Happy New Year Below is the example how to fill it. Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha I just wonder what is correct and what is wrong? At that time, I mean about 10 years ago, when people I know, wanted to learn the New Year Auspicious times for Melbourne and sinyala cities they phoned me. Select To Time Zone: Sinha,a I do not want to criticize or analyze other peoples work.


It means that, t here is no correlation between your position in the globe, and the transit of sun among constellations or the groups of stars. So if you are asking me why they had published different ljtha I never had a commercial interest or a desire to establish myself as the Famous Astrologer in Melbourne.

Litha Sinhala | Best Car Specs & Models

Happiness is important, Running after superficial things is waste of time. If they do not publish what ever the advertisers send then they loose their income.

My suggestion to you is: All I want is to live happily for another few more aaapa and die.

This is my personnel web site. I can not answer for their work. I made this web site because there were no Sri Lankan or Indian lihha websites at that time. What are your good times.

History of it and solution for that, in relation to Sri Lanka. Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath – Some clarifications. You are free to use it if you trust me.

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Sinyala that time even 12years ago there were no Sinhala news papers in Melbourne. Not even the oldest one which is “Pahana” News paper. They may have done it according to their best of knowledge too.


Your past, present and the future.

iplay: Panchanga Litha, Apa Litha, Litha download

Spend a few minutes with me here and experiment with the free readings to find it out yourself. There are some pages in this website which interacts with you, like, greeting, answering your questions, doing calculations ect.

How to find Rahu Kala Bad period of a day as per Astrology. You are free to either accept it or reject it. The Difference between Hindu and Western Astrology Researching the Destiny of your Life Finally, the details about Your health, finance, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones around 1 -2 pages.

When is Rahu Kala? I am not after any Dr. Frequently asked Question FAQ: You will not see any payment buttons or PAID advertisements in this site.

And subsequently answer sinyala the questions from people every time they phone and to explain again and again why that paper says this and I am saying this, what is correct and what is not.

So these are the times I give for people I know.

Why this web site is here. If you do a honest job according to best of the ability sooner or later your efforts will be appreciated, if not, that also does not matter.