AR 700-82 PDF

AR /OPNAVINST A/MCO Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Application of Uniform Source Maintenance. AR –82/SECNAVINST /AFMAN 21– This regulation contains internal control provisions in accordance with AR 11–2 and identifies key internal . AR JOINT REGULATION GOVERNING THE USE AND APPLICATION OF UNIFORM SOURCE MAINTENANCE AND RECOVERABILITY CODES.

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Use this publication for the processes of acquiring logistics management information, supportability analysis summaries, maintenance plan development, maintenance repair analysis, and other provisioning functions.

The servicing method in which an already-repaired piece of equipment is exchanged for a failed piece of equipment, which in turn is repaired and kept for another exchange. Instructions Answers must be based on the actual testing of key internal controls for example, document analysis, direct observation, sampling, and simulation. Army munitions list items and strategic list items Service option codes, page O The lowest maintenance activity capable of complete repair of the support item is the organizational activity.

Item is not authorized to be removed or replaced at any maintenance level. Maintenance activities will possess authorized TOs, equipment, and properly trained personnel prior to performing these tasks. An item contained in a depot overhaul or repair kit and not purchased separately. G Field level repairable item. Recoverable, condemn at intermediate activity.

Position 3 Use Code. The management process of determining and acquiring the range and quantity of support items necessary to operate and maintain an end item of materiel for an initial period of Service. This code is assigned to items not required for support in a specific application and is identified for reference purposes only USN use only.


Indicates the item is under a progressive maintenance review item will be coded O in the fourth position and D in the fifth position. K Repairable support item.


Recoverability code one position. Army Reserve; for the U. Army programs will use a Code C in the 3rd position to denote crew or operator maintenance performed within. G Both afloat and ashore intermediate activities are capable of complete repair of support item USN only. Recoverability codes, page 13 Table F—1: Equipment manufacturers or other contractor support used for establishing and maintaining SMR codes will likewise be restricted to the use of codes, as defined herein.

Not obtainable from salvage or cannibalization. Item procured and stocked, but is deteriorative in nature. References Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Because of Service 70082 in communicating maintenance 70082, a maintenance code entry in this position is not required by all Services. Marine Corps Service option codes, page Code entered in the fifth position of ad uniform format indicating the desired disposition of the support item see app E.

Army Publishing Directorate

Condemnation and disposal 70-82 be performed at contractor facility. Items which are removed by the O level with no I level repair authorized; however, the I level must perform end to end test to verify failure prior to final disposition Beyond capability of maintenance. Army Safeguard Program, only Code F, as used in the third and fourth position 700-28 the uniform SMR format, will be used to denote intermediate maintenance see app D.


Explanation of abbreviations and terms. When requested from a contractor, an approving agency for the SMR coding effort will be identified. G Support item is removed, replaced, or used at both afloat and ashore intermediate activities USN use only.

Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Total repair The authorized maintenance capability to perform all maintenance functions for all identified failure modes, which have been previously identified and approved by official maintenance documents.

Item is to be assembled at a specialized repair activity for example, item requires specialized tests and fixtures to insure proper assembly. Appendix D Maintenance Codes D—1. Item included in both a depot overhaul or repair kit and a maintenance kit. Subject to the Service options contained herein, each Service and PA will ensure that the coding structure and application of these codes are used by their logistics management systems in order to provide uniformity and a means of inter-Service and PA communication of information for multi-Service and PA equipment.