ASTM D SURFACE ABRASION. This test method describes a procedure for estimating the resistance of transparent plastics to one kind of surface. the ASTM D abrasion resistant test by showing less than. 5% scattered light and haze after being abraded. 3M Construction Markets. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion. This test method describes a procedure for estimating the.

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The purpose of this test is to determine whether the plastic has a certain minimum resistance to abrasion.


It is the purpose of this test method to provide a means of estimating the resistance of such materials to this type and degree of abrasion.

This International Standard specifies the method for measuring abrasion of laminate floor covering elements.

MIL-DTLC Plates, Identification or Instruction, Metal Foil, Adhesive Backed – General Specification For This specification covers adhesive-backed metal foil identification or instruction plates, herein referred to as identification plates, for use as internal and external equipment identification or instruction see 6. The test shall be used to give an indication of the comparative wear characteristics of painted, printed or hot embossed finishes, to plastic substrates.

The method is using the standard knife cutting the specimen, and then using the regulated models of grinding wheel with loading weight to be abrased, Specimen to be removed after rotation to reach a certain number, observe the condition of the specimen or compare the weight with the previous material’s, For the choice of grinding wheel models: It is applicable to non-filled synthetic turf with a pile height greater than 15mm.

The method is adapted in order to compare various finish, or as a control test in order to assure that a determined level of furniture surface performance is maintained and applied to all.

ASTM-D1044 Taber Abrasion Test Equipment For Suitcases / Carpets / Furniture

This aatm establishes the requirements for high-durability, wear-resistant deck coatings for use in high-traffic areas, with minimal maintenance. This European Standard specifies requirements for surfaces for indoor facilities for multi-sports use. Not applicable to indoor tennis halls. This specification covers minimum material performance and laboratory test procedures for non-reinforced liquid coating encapsulation products single or multiple-coat systems for leaded paint in buildings.


This method is intended for determining the abrasion resistance d104 cloths in terms of percent change in breaking strength, or breaking strength after a given period of abrasion, or the number of abrasion cycles required to produce a specified state of destruction.

It is equally applicable to moulded test specimens, components and finished products.

d144 Tappi T Abrasion Loss of Paper and Paperboard Taber-type method The objective of this method is to determine the resistance of surfaces of paper and paperboard to the action of abrasion, either wet or dry, by measuring abrasion loss. This document provides recommendations for test methods to be used in evaluating and characterizing coated and laminated fabrics for use in military applications.

ASTM D – 13 – Standard Test Method for Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion

This standard does not specify aesthetic and dimensional requirements. This International Standard specifies mechanical test methods relating to the safety requirements for all safety glazing materials in a road vehicle, whatever the type of glass or other material of which they are composed.

To determine the abrasion resistance of chemical coated fabrics and films using a rotary platform double head tester.

The purpose of this test is to determine the extent of 1D bar code abrasion resistance. Interlaboratory agreement improves significantly when ranking a series of coatings for their abrasion resistance. ASTM B Annex A1 Standard Specification for Hard-Coat Anodizing of Magnesium for Engineering Applications This specification covers requirements for electrolytically formed oxide coatings on magnesium and magnesium alloy parts where appearance, abrasion resistance, and protection against corrosion are important.

EN Wood flooring – Test methods to determine elasticity and resistance to wear and impact resistance This document specifies two alternative test methods to determine the resistance to wear of lacquered wood floorings and one method to test the elasticity of the lacquer.

To reduce any variability due to this temperature effect, stabilize the wheels surface temperature prior to performing actual measurements. This test method covers the determination of the resistance of organic coatings to abrasion produced by the Taber Abraser on coatings applied to a plane, rigid surface, such as a metal panel.

CID A-A Gear, Fire Protective This commercial item description covers the requirements for a structural fireman’s coverall to be used by Navy damage control fire fighters. This Standard is applicable to the materials and finishes used in the manufacture of food equipment e. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to that material specification before using this test method. Skates Durability Testing Machine Speed: This test method may be used to evaluate the abrasion resistance of d144 produced by business imaging products, including nonimpact printers, thermal transfer printers, and copiers.


Aetm of a method that measures the ability of a coated surface to resist abrasive wear-through to the underlying substrate by assessing the resistance to liquid paraffin fat in the abraded area. This test method covers determination of abrasion resistance, fiber loss and bearding resistance of automotive carpet materials. The entrance surface of the disc should have sufficient scratch resistance, which may be improved by a protective coating.

Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities. Evaluating how atsm products and services meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards. This guide covers the selection and use of procedures for testing solvent-borne coatings to be used on exterior, interior or both types of surfaces.

Transparent Plastic Digital Haze Meter , Transmission Haze Measurement ASTM D1044 Standard

The load and wheel can be adjusted for softer and harder materials. This guide covers and is intended to assist in establishing procedures for conducting wear tests of rigid or flexible materials utilizing the rotary platform abraser. This SAE recommended practice covers the requirements for rubber floor mats made from five types of rubber compound as required by the physical property requirements of the application. This specification covers a rubber-base paint for interior use on concrete floors.

A, or gram load is placed on top of the abrader wheel and allowed to spin for a specified number of revolutions. The test method is applicable to floor coverings with smooth surfaces. Applicable industry It is used in testing the performance of leather products, such as suitcases, carpets, cardboard, clothing, glass, plastic coating, ceramic tile, metal plating, paints, varnishes, decorative sheets, high-pressure sheets, plastics, textiles, flexible floor mats, traffic paint, anodizing layer, blankets, electronic components, decorative plates, wax, label, leather, dental materials, car ornaments, resin, furniture, and scientific research laboratories; Commodity inspection, arbitration, and technical supervision departments, The formula is abrasive index formula: The purpose of this test is to provide a general means to produce controlled abrasion on a card surface.