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Ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity. Electrophilic aromatic substitution, benzene, aromatic ring, aromatic Compounds, nomenclature.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

This website also uses third-party cookies. The course will provide the basic knowledge of General Chemistry to the first-year student. Proseguendo la navigazione o cliccando su “Chiudi” acconsenti silvestrkni dei cookie.

The main competence i. Sldes in power point. Chemical equilibrium – General Considerations.

Coorte – Will supplied in year Maggiori informazioni sui cookie e come disabilitarli: Unsaturated conjugated systems – Benzene and arenes: Nucleic acids – Lipids – fatty acids and triglycerides. People search Search with a name Search with a name.

Alkenes – cis-trans isomerism. Alkyl Halides – Nucleophilic Aliphatic Substitution. Se procedi nell’utilizzo del Portale accetti l’utilizzo dei xilvestroni presenti. Isomerism – structural isomerism. Solubility product and its applications.


The topics considered have been chosen to illustrate the fundamental principles of the chemistry, in order to acquire an adequate level of scientific literacy, to understand the chemistry language symbols and formulasthe structure of matter and the thermodynamic and kinetic principles that govern its transformation, and to understand the relationships between structure, properties and reactivity of organic molecules, with particular reference to those of biological importance.

First, second and third law of thermodynamics. Scientific notation The States of Matter. Lectures carried out by means of audiovisual devices power point. Classroom lectures on the topics covered by the program, coupled with numerical exercises on stoichiometry, colligative properties and pH.

Compulsory Learning verification modality The written test is composed by: Essential conditions to pass examination and to obtain its certification. Finally, the final egnerale will permit to assess the student’s ability to apply the knowledge acquired in solving practical cases.

Strength of acids and bases. People search Search with a name Search with a name.

Binding energy, octet rule, ionization potential, electron affinity, metallic character of an element, the representation of the atoms. Furthermore, the exam will verify the student’s communication capacity and his ability to present the topics. Skip to main content. Compounds optically active, configurations and conformations. Chemical nomenclature and formulas, mole, solution concentration, dilution, equilibria in solution and heterogeneous equilibria, electrochemistry.


Ionic product of water. Environment and workplace prevention techniques. Colligative properties of solutions – Raoult’s Law. Carboxylic Acids and silvesyroni derivatives: Ideal gas and state equation. Aromaticity and aromatic Compounds.

Università degli Studi Mediterranea РCatalogo dei corsi РCourse summary

Teaching material Office hours News Class timetable No document in this course. The Chemistry course will be aimed at providing the students with basic knoweledge in order to achieve a correct interpretation of biological and molecular phenomena, gnerale at the understanding of the reactions that they will encounter during the successive courses. A high school diploma is required for admission.

Electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions.