Can anyone help me with finding an operating manual online for a la Cimbali junior?. Discover La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso and cappuccino machine: designed and built for those caterers who have limited space at disposal. Available into. -i-have-got-it-pdf-thtml parts diagram there too.

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Schaerer i can really use your help.

I have completely disassembled it now. You are going to love your machine! Its the differential pressure which the gauge measures – and will affect the boiler.

La Cimbali Junior Rebuid First things first. Give it a good clean soak it in hot water with lots of citric acid in a non metallic container and see what it looks like afterwards.


The exterior is kept clean but the interior – well thats left to its own devices. Should be 20 minutes. Be carefull with the water leaking. JPG Manual Moms file. Unfortunately due to work obligations, I will not be getting my teeth into this project properly for another eight weeks, but I will be having an inital look under the bonnet.

You can buy SSRs from most industrial control suppliers like this oneor this one. High quality espresso and cappuccino M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those caterers who, although have limited space at disposal, still want to offer traditional Italianstyle espresso coffee and cappuccino.


Not too bad once it starts to get populated. These are usually done with compression cimbbali, which can be prone to leaks.

Posted on Feb 10, A cooling flush is essential, and having the pressure guage, now accurate, has allowed me to get the temps right. Thought about new fasteners to make the next service easier.

Interests — information you provide in relation to your interests, including products in which you are interested. There is a large allen keyed nut that appears to screw into the grouphead – before I apply serious force to loosen this, can someone confirm that this indeed a removable item. Cimhali point was not so much about cibmali — but the fact that inside the boiler there is 2 bar of pressure. I threw in just about as much as would dissolve in the water.

This Wiki recommeded link cimbaoi http: I have recently bought an old Junior, and I am wondering if anybody has a pdf copy of a manual, or will I need to construct my own with the aid of digital camera as I dismantle.


Do you haveany idea what sort of vintage? My floaty ball bit seems to be missing and I cant tell the water level in the boiler. The Technician’s manual is translated from Italian and is purposely vague. La Cimbali Junior Rebuid thats very similar to mine. There’s paint bubbling here and there, so need to strip to the frame for refinishing. Only those people who need to use your personal manyal for relevant purposes shall have access to it.


We also find that if the input is left floating by the switching circuit in the off state that the relay can randomly switch on and off v ac input so we use a dummy load across the input to ensure the input terminals have no potential in the junioor state. La Cimbali Junior R A couple of issues re the group head. Cimbaki you know roughly the diameter of your boiler, any idea of the copper thickness.

Although it looks pretty bad, after a thorough descale and clean, kanual will almost certainly find the underlying metal and joint quite sound.

This is a pour over single shot semi auto, manual fill with vibe pump and sight glass. Add Thread to del.