Breaking Open the Head has ratings and reviews. Shivatva said: Actually Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head, Pg) “Because they are so. ‘Breaking Open the Head’. By DANIEL PINCHBECK NOV. . Or I was like the character of “Daniel Pinchbeck,” trapped in a half-finished novel. Gary Lachman on Daniel Pinchbeck’s drug-assisted journey of self-discovery, Breaking Open the Head.

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Perhaps it is the only way. LSD hallucinations “belong to a high and an- gelic domain of esthetic sensations. Erowid is one of the most comprehensive Websites on psychedelics. She was giggly, vivacious — it was as if an electrical current flowed around her.

Breaking Open the Head – Wikipedia

The next level begins where consciousness, suddenly able to go be- yond its norma] boundaries, bursts open on the nonordinary world.

In my crisis, every facet of the contemporary world seemed part of a diabolical mechanism carefully designed to keep peo- ple from wondering about the real purpose of their endless frantic activity. The Internet, the synaptically self-assembling global brain of humanity, has provided system and structure to this formerly esoteric realm. Mushrooms did not cure me of this — for a long time only alcohol could obliterate the division, and it took me some years to resolve the problem — but the bits of dried fungi made me aware, for the first time, of exactly what I was doing wrong.

Cars and junk-food packaging and everything else that was factory- made and shiny seemed like aggressive overkill.

Burning Man started inwhen Larry Harvey, a barely em- ployed landscape architect and overaged bike messenger, built an eight- foot-tall wooden effigy of a man after a painful break-up, then torched it on Baker Beach in San Francisco. I asked her why she went through the iboga initiation.

I was also scared. We will be able to see our own face everywhere. Our growth takes place in the invisible realm of our mental space, and the unreachable sun we rise toward is knowledge — of the self and the universe. Mar 23, Helmut rated it it was amazing. During those early trips I realized I was trapped in a state of de- ferred expectation and compulsive self-distancing. The whole existence will reflect our understanding, will become a mirror to us.


Reading through Pinchbeck’s incredibly well-documented experiences with various plant substances such as iboga and ayahuasca, along with his quest for knowledge in understanding the dwindling shamanic culture of the rainforests was a thrilling way to live vicariously through someone’s most intimate and trippiest moments.

Alain Dukaga, an English- speaking Gabonese with a limp, who acted as our translator, first told me: Traditional shamanism has always been deeply rooted in place. According to Ginzburg, this technique was known to some scholars of the time: This book takes you through several interesting anecdotes about psychedelics as well as giving a minor description of the various types of psychedelics.

Recommended if you’re interested in the exploration of consciousness. This last group includes women who know they are witches, who are in touch with secret currents of the night, such as Jenny Greenteeth, her name swiped from a fairy tale, who described how, while tripping on an obscure substance, a yin-yang symbol once shot across her room into her Third Eye, sending her into meditative samadhi.

Yet there is a seriousness behind his self-experiments and while the drug tales are gripping, and funny, he is at pains to put them in the context of his search for meaning. This ball of light questions the visi- tor as to the reasons for his journey. Compelled by my despair and self-disgust, I decided to poke at the limits of my disbelief.

But Opeb believe the book started as a series of articles, so perhaps there is where the didactic tone comes from. My friend Adam and I made the obligatory stop at the last twenty-four-hour supermarket and casino, dropping a quarter in the fi- nal slot machine, a tiny offering to the gray shroud of flat desert ahead. Humanity has a sacred task in the world, and exists to perform a sacred function.

She was sipping a Bloody Mary at the breakihg, wearing a plastic hat for St. Teacher’s Too was the place where I met my first serious girl- friend, after I dropped out of college. He thoughtfully surveys the literature about psychedelic drugs, but the most exhilarating and illuminating sections are the descriptions of drug taking: The Pygmies knew that once the Bantus made that discovery, they would lose interest in waging wars.


BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

Oct 23, John rated it liked it. They sang, and we sang with them. Most of my friends dismissed my new enthusiasm. At night, the festival transmutes into a luminous spectacle. The Flaming Lo- tus was a harmonious mixture of force, fire, and feminity — the kind of spectacle found at Burning Man, and nowhere else.

No writer explored these transitory and in-between forms of men- tal life with more wit and daring than William Shakespeare. The Dutchman lost his nerve before the initiation, swallowed a fistful of tranquilizers, and did not eat any iboga.

A postmodern Pop Art phantasm. Pinchbeck was lucky enough to be able to go to shamanic retreats and that sort of thing through his work but the majority of people don’t have that luxury.

Ten little green bulbs floated in a steaming broth.

Oct 17, Brittaney Freiheit rated it it was amazing Shelves: Add both to Cart Add both to List. I felt a mingling of wonder, sorrow, and free- dom. When I reached Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, I learned that Pinchbeco France had canceled their once-a-week flight to Libre- ville, which was supposed to leave that night.

The Bwiti men on the hill- side sang and drummed a dirgelike melody. The history of the past was being exploded right into the present: But the bursting of the bubble did not lower at- tendance. The book’s tone then settles back into the journalistic retelling of his various adventures and chemicals that shamanic tribes have used which once again I found interesting.