Międzykulturowa edukacja nieformalna na przykładzie działań polskich organizacji Nikitorowicz J. Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. ROLA NAUCZYCIELA W EDUKACJI MIĘDZYKULTUROWEJ. Chapter (PDF J Nikitorowicz. Nikitorowicz, J.: Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. J. Nikitorowicz, who classified and defined specific types of borderlands. According to the author, a cultural . Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa.

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Through the knowledge about other cultures and culturally conditioned forms of behaviour, through their unbiased analysis intercultural competence facilitates sensitizing in relation to culturally conditioned difference, as well as change of the existing attitudes and widens the possibility of interpretation and actions of a given individual through such approach Zawadzka, Secondly, the sensitization and development of the ability to deal with unfamiliar cultures through the assessment, relativisation and presentation in juxtapose with the reality of those who learn about culturally unfamiliar phenomena and not by conveying information and plain facts, because in such a way only will they be shown and prejudices and stereotypes removed, while tolerance will be supported.

I cycle bachelor Full-time Study Programme name: Encounters and contacts between cultures, not only those on both sides of national or ethnic borders but all the intercultural contacts, are the daily routine in Cieszyn Silesia. It is not the only aspect of regional and intercultural education in- cluded in this programme.

Within these areas, a kindergarten teacher could accomplish the as- sumptions of intercultural education by making the children learn about themselves through diferent actions against the context of a group of peers and family, as well as the closest geographical, environmental, so- cial and cultural settings.

Among other things, the classes involve: Choice of the subjects and content of the syllabus at the basic level should enable the students to communicate efficiently in daily situations as well as expressing regiknalna communicative intentions, which is why it is necessary to convey the information about the most important socio-cultural conventions used in communication in a given rdukacja.

The discussion dedicated to the range of niktorowicz and ways of teaching culture and realities integrated with language teaching has been going on for years, while glottodidactic nokitorowicz contain more and more cultural texts of different types presenting cultural and realistic issues which proves that widely understood knowledge about the countries of a given language regionalja becomes an integral part of foreign language teaching.

This work eduacja supported by the [funding Agency 1]; under Grant [number xxxx]; [Funding Agency 2] under Grant [number xxxx]; and [Funding Agency 3] under Grant [number xxxx]. Revionalna In the European dimension, education is to focus on four aspects which will constitute lifelong pillars of knowledge for each individual: It is defined as the ability to communicate with the members of different cultural circles and nations and the ability to build the bridges of agreement, in other words complex ability to manage oneself in the complicated reality of multilingual and multi-cultural contemporary world.

Theoretical Foundations of the Discussion Contemporary intercultural education aims at support for the process of shaping identities enriched with elements of different cultures – multidimensional identities which harmoniously link local, regional, state, national, European or even global dimensions.


Cultural Competence And Intercultural Communication In The Didactics Of Foreign Languages – PDF

Moreover, the new national curriculum pays attention to the fact that Poland belongs to the European Union and that all people have equal rights. Person using the language on this level is able to enter into basic social relations using polite expressions such as greetings and farewell phrases, introductory phrases and expressions such as please, thank you, I m sorry. The discussed capital is not a value itself, its value is measured as the sum of other capitals — human, social, cultural, economic, and political ones.

The presence of foreign peers makes children curious and willing to learn rather than afraid of what is un- known. To gain the knowledge on: The aim of the course is prepare students to practical realization of regional and intercultural tasks.

The starting point of the discussion on glottodidactic aspects 1 of multiculturalism 2 should be the analysis edu,acja the development of methodical views, in which one has to notice a few turning-points concerning the goals of language teaching and their significant influence on perception of the essence of contemporary teaching and learning of a foreign language.

The course is end with the marks.

Cultural Competence And Intercultural Communication In The Didactics Of Foreign Languages

The discussion is narrowed to Cieszyn Silesia, the region frequently treated as particularly interesting due to its cultural specificity clearly observed uniqueness resulting from the contact of different culturesreligious pluralism, historical experiences, and borderland location. The oldest of these, the cognitive approach also known as factographic was based on conveying the knowledge about the country of a given language with the emphasis on presentation of its history and so called high culture, which in relation to course books meant mixing the cultural and realistic themes in the reading material included in subsequent lessons as the background for the presentation of introduced vocabulary or grammar, but not in the form of special complementary chapters which would not induce grammar or lexical progress.

How would you act? Phrasal Verbs in Situations. Anusiewicz, J Lingwistyka kulturowa.

Intercultural Education in Cieszyn Silesia

The faculty educates both teachers and animators of cultural life and it implements the ideas of intercultural education among students, teachers, children and youth [ 17 ]. Acquiring skills through action. Toler- ance may be achieved through intercultural dialogue, the objective of which is to protect people against globalization, homogenization, but also against ethnocentrism and ethnonationalism Nikitorowicz,p. Due attention should be also drawn to the undertakings of Cieszyn organizations and institutions which promote transfrontier cooperation and tolerance.

The workshops were organized and nidzykulturowa out by scholars and students from the Faculty of Ethnology and Nikitkrowicz. Date and place of birth Regonalna is defined as the ability to communicate with the representatives of different cultural circles and nations and the ability to build the bridges of agreement, in other words – complex ability to manage oneself in the complicated reality of multilingual and multi-cultural contemporary world.


Characteristic features of intercultural approach to the realities and culture are: Lewowicki [ 5 ] still in the nineties of the 20th century.

The cycle of 12 meetings 6 implemented by the Czech side, 6 by the Polish one was attended by teachers from primary schools in both countries. What are our objectives? The author refers here to theories of various origin: The established cooperation between Czech and Polish secondary schools should enhance integration of the young and appropriate understanding of borderland multiculturalism. Religious pluralism of Cieszyn Silesia where the two largest denominations are Roman-Catholic and Augsburg Evangelical has always created conditions for a specific — enriching — rivalry in the field of cultural, educational, and writing activity, as well as in developing integration tendencies and, currently, in undertaking ecumenical activities.

Dobro w czasach postmoderny Ks. These are not all the constituents of the capital as its full description is not feasible in practice; however, they are the most significant and recognized in typical characterizations of social, cultural and human capital [ Making D e m oc r acy W o r k: This knowledge consists of such groups as: They are able to formulate clear and detailed oral or written utterances and explain their views on issues being the subject of the discussion considering pros and cons of different solutions.

The leading idea of the presented study is the assumption that the vision of intercultural education has had and currently is reflected in activities aiming at political, economic and cultural integration in Cieszyn Silesia. To gain the knowledge on ethnic cultures: The southern borderland, exemplified in a specific way by the case of Cieszyn Silesia, has a long tradition present for many centuries of multidimensional approach to identity and integration [ 9 ].

Help Center Find new research papers in: The performance constitutes an attractive lesson of the history of Little Homeland, which is useful not only for the young but also for teachers carrying out classes of that type at school.

Jej zakres i problemy. Articles in section Article-Studies should contain up to 40 characters including the main text, abstracts, key words, tables and diagrams, footnotes and referencesit should be divided into sections with not numbered internal titles. Please supply editable files. Several currents can be indicated in viewing and dealing with intercultural education: Any questions should be sent to: At the moment, children have more and more oppor- tunities to experience directly another culture and language.

This occurs due to the capital of recognition structural, human, and cultural resources and the policy of ethnicity implemented by local authorities, the state, and the European Union. Each of them had taken the advantage of the achievements of the earlier ones, enriching them with key assumptions of their contemporary psychology, pedagogy, didactics and cultural studies, so they often functioned parallelly and complemented one another.

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