The following other wikis use this file: Usage on Energia. Usage on Energija. Usage on Energija Buran by P:W (Patenbrigade: Wolff), released 17 June “Energija Buran”, by P:W (Patenbrigade: Wolff) Kosmodrom, Baikonur.

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Orbiter 1K1 at the Paris Air Show.

The planned flights for the shuttles inbefore the downsizing of the project and eventual cancellation, were: It was the first and until now the only landing in automatic mode of a shuttle — the aerospacev history. Soviet space program Roscosmos State Corporation.

Retrieved 15 January This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Your craft has downloaded try not to crash it.

Buran programme

For other uses, see Buran disambiguation. Stored outdoors in Bahrain while the ownership of the spaceplane was legally contended. Both Chertok and Gleb Lozino-Lozinskiy Chief Designer of RKK Energia suggest that from the beginning, the programme was military in nature; however, the exact military capabilities, or intended capabilities, of the Buran programme remain classified.

This is a half-scale memorial. The project was officially terminated on 30 Juneby President Boris Yeltsin. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Over time, several scientists looked into trying to revive the Buran programme, especially after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Login or sign up so KerbalX can remember the craft energiua downloaded and so you can.


Archived from the original on 15 February On the energijja anniversary of the Buran flight in NovemberOleg Ostapenkothe new head of Roscosmosthe Russian Federal Space Agency, proposed that a new heavy lift launch vehicle be built for the Russian space program.

On 12 Maya hangar roof at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan collapsed because of a structural failure due to poor maintenance.

The only orbital launch of a Buran -class orbiter occurred at On its return, it performed an automated landing on the shuttle runway at Baikonur Cosmodrome. It will cost you 5 of your own points to downvote So only downvote craft that are totally unusable, not the craft pictured or have NSFW content with it.

Retrieved 24 March As you are not logged in it will only remember what craft you’ve downloaded in this session. The Abandoned Russian Space Shuttle”. See the last line of the cronology. Retrieved 14 November If you need more pitch control adjust the authority limiter of the elevons. The first suborbital test flight of a scale-model BOR-5 took place as early as July Retrieved 9 September Auto-Download What’s this slidery thing next to the download link?

The band was originally founded in by S. It can be removed, if you need more space.


Buran Space Shuttle – Energia Rocket Launcher

United States Space Shuttle program orbiters. I suggest to leave some fuel in the boosters and perform a reentry burn.

Init was decided that all Buran commanders and their back-ups would occupy the third seat on a Soyuz mission, prior to their Buran spaceflight. This article is about the orbiter launched in Burqn 29 January Rockets and People PDF.

Purchasable with gift card. In their opinion, the Shuttle’s ton payload-to-orbit capacity and, more significantly, its ton payload return capacity, were a clear indication that one of its main energja would be to place massive experimental laser weapons into orbit that could destroy enemy missiles from a distance of several thousands of kilometers.

When the slider is in the OFF position clicking the download link will just open the download tab without downloading the craft. Missions Buran hangar collapse.

Buran space shuttle and the Energia launcher

Find other pure stock craft. Housed in MIK building in areaBaikonur with an Energia booster mockup and other Energia hardware, destroyed in a roof collapse on 12 Maywhich killed eight workers. Not sure how to install a craft file?