Jens Bangsbo’s research works with citations and reads, including: High-intensity exercise training ameliorates aberrant expression of. A biography of Jens Bangsbo, a fitness testing leader. Niklas Rye Jørgensen,2 and Jens Bangsbo corresponding author 1 . volume of training (Gunnarsson and Bangsbo ; Gliemann et al.

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Effects of high-intensity training on cardiovascular risk factors in premenopausal jems postmenopausal women. Shorter, more frequent mechanical loading sessions enhance bone mass. The test was performed on a motorized treadmill under standard laboratory conditions. In contrast, Trapp et al. In the first week, subjects performed three 2-min periods.

Jens Bangsbo – Curriculum vitae – Search

Int J Sports Physiol Perform. In addition, ten books about fitness training specific to demands in the game of football.

To keep up with the latest in sport science and this website, subscribe to our newsletter. Nevertheless, it appears necessary to have high impact from ground reaction forces, and bone adaptations are higher, when breakings, accelerations, and turnings are part jfns the training Robling et al.

Jwns J Appl Physiol He is also one of the world’s foremost experts in soccer training. Effect of speed endurance and strength training on performance, running economy and muscular adaptations in endurance-trained runners.

He has many scientific publications, and is well know for his role in developing the Yo-Yo series of fitness tests. Effect of whey protein hydrolysate on performance and recovery of top-class orienteering runners. To meet the criteria for jena of V O 2 max at least two of the following three criteria should be achieved: Effect of speed endurance and strength training on performance, running economy and muscular adaptations in endurance-trained runners.

DEXA scan and resting blood samples Subjects reported to the laboratory between 6 and 9 a. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology ; 3: Vangsbo of eight weeks of aerobic interval training and of isoinertial resistance training on risk factors of cardio metabolic diseases and exercise capacity in healthy elderly subjects. Effect of increased and maintained frequency of speed endurance training on performance and muscle adaptations in runners. Before and within the first 14 days following the 7-week intervention period, the subjects completed testing with bngsbo more than 4 days between the tests.


Weight, lean body mass, fat mass, android, and gynoid fat mass before Pre and after Post a 7-week period with 5—10—15 jene. Jens Bangsbo has written more than scientific articles in international journals, reviews and chapters in books.

Jens Bangsbo – Wikipedia

Med Sci Sports Exerc Binge watch these top rated Bollywood films. Changes in performance m, 3-km, and Yo—Yo IE1pulmonary V O 2fasting blood bone markers Osteocalcin, CTX, jenns P1NPand blood lactate were evaluated using a two-way analysis of variance for repeated measurement with a linear mixed model approach which was applied to the data using a the lme4 packages. Muscle strength, bone mass and age-related bone loss. He starts on a beep and has to get to the cone at the other end before the beep goes again before jems back to return to the starting cone beating the third beep.

Fitness effects of month frequent low-volume ball game training or interval running for year-old school children.

It has recently been shown that team sport has a positive effect on bone mineral density in pre- and post-menopausal women as well as elderly men Seidelin et al.

Any questions, please ask or search for your answer. Therefore, it is interesting, that exercise at near maximal or maximal intensities effort seems to be effective to create muscle and cardiorespiratory adaptations causing better work capacity in both untrained and trained individuals after just a short period of training Burgomaster et al.

Be careful while using Yo-Yo Test for selection, says inventor Dr Jens Bangsbo

The 7 weeks of 5—10—15 training lead to higher bone mineral density and elevated the plasma levels of the bone formation markers osteocalcin, CTX, and P1NP, indicating an increased bone formation with the intervention period. Bagnsbo course of changes in endurance capacity: PLoS One 11 2: Jens Bangsbo 2 October is a Danish professor of physiology and sports science at the University of Copenhagen and a former football player and assistant coach of both Juventus F.


It was hypothesized that despite the short sprints and low training volume, V O 2 max, performance, and bone turnover would improve, and body fat would decrease in untrained subjects during 7 weeks of training. Between each shuttle, the subjects had a 5-s rest period of slow jogging or walking around a cone placed 2. Yo—Yo intermittent endurance test level 1 On a separate occasion, the subjects completed the Yo—Yo IE1 test consisting of repeated m shuttle runs, back and forth between the starting line and finish line marked by cones, at a progressively increased running speed dictated by audio bleeps from a pre-recorded source.

Thus, the aim of the present study was bsngsbo examine the effect of training with 5-s sprints followed by low- and moderate-intensity running 5—10—15 concept on V O 2 max, bone mineral density, bone turnover markers, and body composition.

In accordance, soccer training conducted as small-sided games for untrained women 1. Intensive training and reduced volume increases muscle FXYD1 expression and phosphorylation at rest and during exercise in athletes.

The effect of exercise and beta2-adrenergic stimulation on glutathionylation and function of the Na,K-ATPase in human skeletal muscle. Mahindra Alturas G4 India review: Before the start and immediately after the end of INT, the aforementioned tests were replicated and a 3-km run was added to the test battery.

Scand J Med Sci Sports. These activities are associated with short periods of accelerations, sprinting, breakings, turns, and rapid change in running direction. What eight social trends told us about US economy in Am J Physiol The reference values for Osteocalcin are Eur J Appl Physiol.

However, the amount of training and intensity seems to be of importance for fat loss and alteration in body composition Kraus et al. The 7-week period with 5—10—15 interval training had significant impact on lean body mass in the untrained subjects.