Along side of development lifecycle, most of us looking for a way to be sure that the unit of work that has been written is working properly and committed. JSFUnit provides testing capabilities for JSF applications. JSFUnit framework provides a facility for running the unit test cases for JSF application directly from the browser. To make .. Spring + Hibernate Integration Tutorial. JSFUnit tutorial, available from: ht tp:// Shunmuga, Shunmuga, R. (). Introduction to Java Server Faces, available from: ht .

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With the FacesContext in hand, you have the keys to the kingdom. Lean would of course show these detours as off the VSM. These guys jsgunit publishing to Maven, but including the classes in their jar.

Microservices for Java Developers: But before even getting a chance to have that fun, just getting JSFUnit integrated was bloody hell. If you experience problems, have questions, or simply want to meet the community, visit the forum.

Your email address will not be published. It’s how modern teams deliver modern software. Maybe the Maven guys should think about a simple idea: Get the open source Atomist Software Delivery Machine and start automating your delivery right there on your own laptop, today! If the username and the password combination is correct, tytorial application redirects to a successful page and when the password is incorrect, an error page tutodial be returned.

As soon as the request is submitted and the response is received, the client can call the method getPageAsText which will return a raw HTML page text.

JSFUnit – Getting Started with version – JBoss Community

Secondly, the validation of username and password is done within the implementation of this class in the method login. There’s some excellent documentation, tutorials and samples on the JUnit website.

Per my earlier post about the joy of JUnit Plugin Tests, having tests that actually extend all the way out to the edges of the app is life-changing.


One of JSF’s major advantages is its ability to be work with basic unit testing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In this section, we will see how to run the JSF application and also how to invoke the test cases that test the page integrity from the browser. This would include tests for proper installation of converters, validators, component types, locales, and resource bundles.

One can use the method findComponent method to identify a component displayed in the page. Learn more about Kotlin. At the same time, you also have access to parsed HTML output of each client request. From there you can test to make sure your application configuration is correct. Over the weekend, I was able to confirm that there really is nothing comparable for just JSF dev. Meaning because there is no one scenario that every passer on a given single bridge falls through, the land mines are never dug tutoriao.

Given below is the code snippet of the JSF page.

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At first, it encapsulates the username and password properties. Later on we will see how this return value maps to the view welcome.

The cover in this case is simple: Similarly the second and the third test cases deals with incorrect username and incorrect password combination. Is there really no way to curb this nonsense??

ServetTestCase so that the Servlet Runner can run the test case class within a web application. This article is an attempt to provide an introduction to the framework JSFUnit. Finally the request submission is simulated by calling the method click defined on the JSFClientSession object. JUnit is one of the most common unit-testing frameworks, but there are others as well. This page displays the input components for accepting the username and password through the inputText and the inputSecret tags.

Finally the article provided the miscellaneous capabitiies like checking the state of managed beans, adding request listeners, testing faces messages etc. JBoss core developers are guided by a meritocracy, and we hire talent anywhere in the world it may be. Introduction Testing has become an important aspect for every application and an application cannot be released unless it is not thoroughly tested.


As the name suggests, the component org. Learn how to refactor a monolithic application to work your way toward a scalable and resilient microsystem. Think about how stupid it is that someone just sloughs scrud out into a public repository and it blows up on some number of the unsuspecting users.

We will also see how to write simple JSF test cases at the end of the section. We have also listed some of the popular JSF Books.

I need a sample project regarding JSF UNIT testing (JSF forum at Coderanch)

Note that the following compile-time and run-time jar files need to be present in the classpath. Of course, turned out the one I was looking at was Bourne. You know, you have to figure out how you are going to get the container to start. In this example, we will see how to write simple test cases for the above JSF page that we have written.

Building Reactive Microservices in Java: Similarly for the incorrect username and incorrect password, the views returned are error. At this juncture, I started to think that familiar thought: SO in the spirit of following up deconstruction with something constructive, maybes: Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.

Introduction to JSFUnit

And finally the page content is validated for correctness by comparing it with the return value from getPageAsText method. A Request Listener object can be used to intercept client request and customizations can be injected before and after the invocation of client request. The test method testGetCurrentViewId is used to test the identifier of the current view.

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