The kusari-fundo is a short length of chain with a steel weight attached to one or both ends. However, there are many variations on this theme. The Kusari Fundo can be used to deliver strikes by swinging or throwing the weight (or weights) at target areas while the chain is used to block and trap/ entangle. The hand forged Fundo (weight) and entire Kusari (Chain) are made according to Meifu Shinkage Ryu specs, with a ring on one side and a Fundo in the other.

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His pride would not allow him to do this, however. Forget Username Reset Password. Inward or outward diagonal strikes; and Naka furi: Those with round shaped fundo are often called tamagusari or gakikan, while the ones with rectangular shapes are called fundo-kusari We can rely on a certain historical record as the origin of the tamagusari: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

But Masaki gave his tamagusari to only a few select people, warning even them that wrong use of the weapon would be of little good service.

Kusari Fundo

As a second strike is thrown, Hatsumi releases the chain over the incoming arm 2. This should not happen under any circumstances. Once a chain and bullet with an cialis 5 mg en chile Iron hand or some device at kksari end of the chain was said to be combined for use as the konpi. On some of the related chain ousari weight weapons the weights could be completely different from each other, with one weight being much longer than the other like a handle on one end, or one weight could be round while the other weight could be rectangular.


This would be a competition between sumo wrestling and taijutsu.

Kusari Fundo – Bujinkan Dojo Prague

It is generally constructed of a ,usari etched steel chain or thick rope for training purposes. As with the kusari-gama and kyoketsu-shoge, striking attacks with the kusari-fundo utilise the very end of the weight in motion in order to generate the most leverage and impact.

The weights were usually exactly matched in size and shape. It is said that Masaki worked out 24 arts of the tamagusari. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Home Culture Legends Retreats Books. It is a close range weapon, approximately 46—76 cm in length. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat There are several chain and weight weapons.

What should he do then? The weight could be fairly fudo or quite heavy with the typical weight being from 2 ounces 56 grams to 4 ounces grams. Japanese weapons, armour and equipment. Masaki was tundo skilled in cutting kudari large pine trees with a long sword or large axe ono or masakari in Japanese and taijutsu as well.


How do you feel about this post? The kusari chain has its different size and thickness as well. The chain links could have many different shapes including round, elliptical, and egg-shaped. It also has the fundo weight at one end of the chain and the kakushi a ring with sharp iron horns, also called kakude at the other.

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Wearing the kakushi on kusati finger and grasping the handle, you capture your attacker by throwing the fundo and entangling him in the kusari, then striking his vital area with the kakushi. The length of the kusari-fundo is usually between 1. This flexible weapon can be used to strike, snare, or entangle an assailant or their weapon.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Kusari Fundo – Black Belt Wiki

Internal Arts Breathing Meditation. A koppjutsu bone breaking technique can easily be applied here. Kusari Fundo The length of the kusari-fundo is kusagi between 1.

Kaku means horn, te fumdo de means hand, shi means finger. As an attacker throws a punch, Hatsumi grabs the attacking hand and strikes the offending wrist with the hand-held fundo 1. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Samurai chain weapons.

Diet and Nutrition Fitness and Exercise Yoga. Views Read Edit View history. In the Republic of Irelandthe kusari-fundo manrikigusari fyndo classified as an illegal offensive weapon. Classical weaponry of Japan: Wednesday, 18 March An interview with Gerda Geddes.

The kusari-fundo is a short length of chain with a steel weight attached to one or both ends. Weight shapes include round, hexagonal, or rectangular.

The size, shape and weight of the fundo weight usually varies according to each school. Konpei The konpei has a hollow handle which allows the chain to run through freely.