This week, we have been reading, analyzing, and discussing the script and movie Looper, written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot. This week: Looper. You may download the script — free and legal — here. Written and directed by Rian Johnson. IMDb plot summary: In Looper has certainly been a hot topic of conversation here at NFS, whether it’s writer/director Rian Johnson discussing how budget doesn’t.

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This is all I have. A child stands in a massive doorway with blinding white light beaming through. That’s a lot of stupid money. So I cleaned you up and put a gun in your hand. And I can remember it, it’s going to happen. I’m going to fall in love with?

Read Rian Johnson’s Original Treatment For LOOPER

JOE You working a shift tonight? And I had my blunderbuss so I know he’s got about fifteen strides till he’s out of my range. He folds them up, pockets them.

Joe goes for his gun. Like a wall of fog hohnson forward with the present moment. What I find remarkable about the posting of this screenplay is Rian Johnson is putting it out there himself just like Ava DuVernay and her johnsob Middle of Nowhere. His face more determined with each shot. Time travel in the future is so illegal, that when we sign up for this job we agree to a very specific proviso. English is a tight t- shirt, flatters the young.


ScriptShadow: Screenwriting and Screenplay reviews: Movie Review – Looper

JOE So when we’re apart you can remember what I do. Then goes to a kitchen drawer, opens it, gets something. He flips him over. He turns – sees Kid Blue leaning in the shadows. Old Joe hangs up.

SETH I gots mine you gots yours. Old Joe walks in quickly, gets aspirin, wrapped sandwiches, bandages, big bottles of water. He lifts him johnosn his arms. Behind him, the city. She slaps us hard. Turns the apartment lights off. Any other city, that’d be impressive. Put your gat on the table. But no Old Joe.

On her way out she puts it on a bench beside the door, and turns out the floodlight. SETH I got stupid money. Goddammit hand me those. One of the men taps his watch – hurry.

Taps the screen again, it goes back to a live feed, and he’s about to step away when his eye catches something. A bellowing howl, his fingers withdraw, and the safe door clicks shut.


The dark corn fields, silent and vaguely threatening. The Tall Gat Man’s gunfire stops. The body slides down a long chute. She goes to Joe, lying on the bed, distant.

‘Looper’ Screenplay Available For Your Consideration

His eyes fixed on Joe. Sweep the streets, pull in his social circle, pound the pavement. SARA Listen up fucker. Then his face changes. See now good you’re confused now but you’re listening.

Be at the Belle tonight? Thus the simplest thing to do is zap back the live target and have them killed and disposed in the past. Suspicious, he uncovers a GAT on the seat beside him.

I hope the voice of god sounds like an old man speaking French. Sharp eyes will notice that Old Joe’s right ear is now clipped off, an old wound. ABE It’s the little ones that get you. When he hits the ground the world goes away. A waitress sets down coffee. Threads a hose from a tank of water around the cot.